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Quote AltheaRose Replybullet Posted: February/11/2010 at 7:52pm
Originally posted by dickiemn

Originally posted by AltheaRose

Originally posted by dickiemn

sorry but ZELDA pwns all other series hands down. 

Ok, this site is FULL of nerds, I know that.
We all grew up playing Zelda,
yah it was pretty righteous

There have been plenty of other topics about video games including Zelda.
Old school Zelda is only cool if you're a kid or tripping on drugs.

Also as Chris said, it's not even an rpg so there is no comparison you're making. So the point of your opinion in this thread was completely useless and irrelevant. I think you strive to piss off members of this community.


is the new FF really not coming out for PS2 ?

Because if that's true, I might cry about it.

i dont strive to piss you guys off sorry if i come off annoying. u dont have to go all nazi bitch on me :( it was a joke sorry

Oh that's right, you're still too new to know that I'm the super cunt of this website that doesn't tolerate stupidity.
On that note, can we please get back to discussing FF.
You seem to continually derail threads.
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felonious drunk
Mod Zentity
Mod Zentity

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Quote felonious drunk Replybullet Posted: February/12/2010 at 8:14am
Final Fantasy 12 ???
Is the the only game that links me to you homo-video game players.
I must admit that I enjoyed the several months that it stole from me,
but I will never find that damn zodiac spear.


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Quote anoobubbles Replybullet Posted: March/27/2010 at 11:38am
To add to the Kefka=Win, here is my first tattoo xD
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Quote Roy_Killjoy Replybullet Posted: March/27/2010 at 12:35pm
Thats beautiful anoo! Kefka is the shiz! have you played 13? the entire game was insanely good. The story tragically beautiful
"My name is Mirkat and I think your mods are beautiful."
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BMod Pro
BMod Pro

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Quote KlydeD Replybullet Posted: June/27/2010 at 11:39pm
I adore the final fantasy series, having grown up on 1-6 and continuing to play through each installment thereafter into my adulthood. FF6 was by far my favorite, though I'm bias in the sense that I prefer the golden days when 16-bit graphics left a bit to the imagination of the gamer.... something about environments and characters being just dimensional enough to transmit the necessary visual info to engage my imagination really helps immerse me in the world I'm tooling around in.... The more I feel like I'm watching a movie the easier it is for me to get bored.
I'm in the process of tattooing a moogle on myself. Unfortunately I was circumstationally unable to finish it in one session so I need to go at the cute little guy once more when healed. I will post it as soon as its done :)
NOTE: As disgusting as it sounds, since the third grade I've played through FF6 over half a dozen times at least.... I'm currently chipping away at another play through right now..... a half hour of that nostalgia before bed and I sleep like a baby...lol
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Quote kcir Replybullet Posted: June/28/2010 at 12:30am
Originally posted by KlydeD

The more I feel like I'm watching a movie the easier it is for me to get bored.
agreed.  great graphics for a game should not look like a third rate movie.  give me more plot less cinematic.
Originally posted by kyled

NOTE: As disgusting as it sounds, since the third grade I've played through FF6 over half a dozen times at least.... I'm currently chipping away at another play through right now..... a half hour of that nostalgia before bed and I sleep like a baby...lol
i've done the same on chrono trigger, pools of radiance, and a link to the past.  individually i've beaten each 10 times.  a link to the past i used to like to see if i could empty the save game slots and then fill them with perfect 0 save games.  faeries ftw. 
BMOD WARNING: This user is notorious for instigation and general ass-hattery. Please don't take any cynical comments seriously. Thank you.
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Quote troublelovesme Replybullet Posted: July/31/2010 at 2:15pm
I'm a huuuuge FF fan, but I do readily admit that 12 is not the strongest. I think it's worth sticking with, but you do have to put up with the rather irritating battle mode.

I would personally suggest you get going with 7. It's a classic.
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Quote Veoto Replybullet Posted: August/06/2010 at 7:32pm
1. FF7 just can't be beat imo. I've put more hours into that game that I'd care to admit.
2. 10 or 8

I'd go from there.
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Quote Taveon Replybullet Posted: August/06/2010 at 8:22pm
FFX was my first and my personal favorite (I'm not saying it's the best, just that I'm biased towards it due to nostalgia) FFVI/III story was also good (and still holds up well). And recently I've been playing XIII alot (38 hours in) which isn't as bad as everyone says unless you're stubborn and unopen to change.

Edited by Taveon - August/06/2010 at 8:23pm
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Quote Bastarache Replybullet Posted: July/07/2011 at 8:52pm
The funny thing is after this stunt I actually majored in English studies...

What constitutes a story? Must a book be writ upon papers?
Not in this day and age.

The final fantasy series started off cute enough but as technology improved video games became the newest platform for intense story telling.

He never discovered the origins of my book report that grade ten year over a decade ago, but he did give me a great grade on it.

The report was on Final Fantasy 6/US3

I've been a fan since Mystic Quest. It came with my super nintendo that I got used with a few games included over a decade ago.
I played 1-5 through emulation as a teen but my fav of all time is 6 or 3 US because it's THE story. It's everyone's story.
That trend continued with the story of the life stream in 7/and related offshoots of that world.

My ideal romance was served through Squall and Rinoa, and I sung "Eyes On Me" for a city wide vocal competition. People had no idea they were listening to a video game!

9 had the best card game in it, 10 was fun for everyone to get into. It had that great blitz ball mini game and I loved the Mission Style play of X2 even though it was a total Chick Game. Starts of with a panty shot on a mountain cliff come on!

11 was online, but I killed that one too, loved my red mage and summoner, and bard, especially bard class.

The roles copied the role system for Final Fantasy Tactics, which if you don't like the game play of the other games, Well You'll HATE IT, unless you adore battle chess, which I do, ok nerd alert here if it weren't all ready obvious.

12 was a kick in the teeth I feel. I loved it, played it and mastered it but still it was semi auto GRRR and so was 13,

What's even worse about the new ones, ok maybe you'll like them better hah, is that they don't have a "World Map" It's weird for a final fantasy game, you can't go back the story just goes on and thrusts the player forward and if you're not leveled and ready there are walls and walls that force even a seasoned gamer to go back and get a few extra crystal points.

Summons have been getting more and more complex, and merging with limits which is a little annoying for someone who's used to using both.

Each game has a different time frame in the history of the same planet but the different ages of that planet's population individually influence the story line. Each are guided by noble principals and the continuation of humanity in peace and prosperity.

It's Armageddon every time for our hero and their gang of party members. They always save the world in the end and we always learn a little about human nature if we pay attention to the story.

I cried when I was playing  few of them, but I haven't cried once over my leg being covered in summon monsters.

Most people have no idea what the fftactics advance carbunkle summon is, but everyone agrees it's an adorable tattoo. My Shiva pin up girl is going on next.

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