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Mod God
Mod God

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Quote thesounknown Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 10:09am
I'm a student (that's my major job).

To make money I work in an interlibrary loan system on campus.  I sit at a computer for hours looking up books, journal articles, dvds, cds, etc.  It suuucks.
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Quote bekki659 Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 11:05am
I'm currently a student and unemployed (its close to impossible to find a job up here when you move up as late in the year as I did- but its ok, my parents would rather that I not work anyway).
When I graduate, Im going to get my masters.  Hopefully then I will be finding an international organization to join so I can teach in places that really need it.
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BMod Pro
BMod Pro

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Quote sapphirelazuli Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 11:21am
I'm a body piercer :)
[ zara | 25 years old | scottish | body piercer ]
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Quote Jaxon Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 11:28am
I'm a retired soldier (97-08) and currently work for Innocon (A division of Lafarge) as a welder/fabricator/front end loader operator.
- Jaxon
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Mod God
Mod God

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Quote evalution Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 12:04pm
work at a camp for people with disabilities in the summers.
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Dakota V
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Heavy Modder

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Quote Dakota V Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 12:19pm
full time art student!
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Quote colderyourtouch Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 12:59pm

my semester doesn't start until january, so for now i work for a moving company by day, and bakery by night

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BMod Pro
BMod Pro

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Quote xevious Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 1:27pm
tattoo artist.
I have titties.
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Heavy Modder

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Quote stellaturcia Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 2:27pm
I'm a semi-employed massage therapist. Because the economy sucks so much, and people think massage is a luxury, I don't have much work right now.
I like the way my skin feels when I'm wearing my rainbow jacket.
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Quote wormbuffet Replybullet Posted: September/26/2009 at 2:42pm
My job requires me to rape and pillaaaaaaaaaaageee
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