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Quote Remco Replybullet Posted: February/16/2013 at 5:08pm
I had a few reasons really. First (and so far only, just got them today) are nipple piercings.

1) Sex wise, I think they'll add to the experience
2) Esthetic - Always loved how they looked on others
3) Facing fears, I have (Had, as I learned today) a huge fear for needles, somehow facing fears is something I need to do every now and again.

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Quote asylumbunny Replybullet Posted: April/20/2013 at 10:09am
I got my lobes pierced when I was 8 because I wanted to wear earrings, but my first non-ear piercing was my center lip. I got it as a weight-loss reward, and also because I loved the way it looked. I still have it and love it. :)
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Quote ParalyticPoison Replybullet Posted: June/03/2013 at 1:47am
The very first was in my teens, don't remember exaclty age, maybe 15 or 16. I wasn't really sure about the way it would look, i liked it on others but I was afraid of the change on myself. At the same time I was thinking about it being just part of fashion and everyone having, but still I liked it regardless, and I was with a girl who had quite a few piercings, and I also was looking up on a few of my idols who also had...
More or less, at some point, i got leaning towards the "get it" side. Once I told my gf, she jumped up in enthousiasm and asked me if i'd let her do it to me...
Knowing nothing about piercing, and supposing she knew a hole lot since she was taking em serious, i supposed she knew whas she was doing. I asked her and she told me she told me that of course she knew, and she had already done a couple on others and one on herself. Didn't think more than that, I loved her and trusted her. Se we got to the closest drugstore, bought a needle, and after a while she pierced me. Just after that, she realized the only earing she had there, was thiker than she though, and wouldn't go through...
And that was that... I let it heal, didn't care anymore about it and left it in the past...

Now for the second, I'll get it in a few hours! :P Why? Well i've been thinking about it since back then, it comes and it goes, it comes and it goes.... But at this point, i think i'm grown (mentaly) enough to be taking such a decision and being sure i won't regret after a while. More than that I feel the need for some changes in my life, and the way I look is of course an expression of my inner self, so changes inside is best expressed with changes outside...
More than that, las august i though "I think i like piercings... I think I'll get one", imidietly after that i though "But what if I don't like it after all... I've been changing my mind a lot over this thing..." so then i came up with the idea. "If I still want it next summer, i'll just get it"
More than that, I was talking with a friend a few days ago, he was getting his 7th tattoo, none of them having any meaning to him. I asked him how he can have ink on him that doesn;t mean anything to him and why he havent regreted on the others. His answear shoced me, while i'm always thinking of regrets, "There is no meaning, so there is nothing to regret... It doesn't symbolise somthing i might not like in few years... It's some great piece of art! Other than that, I just get used to them, if they wouldn;t be there tomorrow i would feel like something is missing"
So, summer is here, changes are occuring, and I should stop thinking some much before doing something! What else is there to do, than do get some things done?
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