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Quote nickortizzle Replybullet Topic: losing my lobes!!!
    Posted: August/07/2009 at 9:40pm
well some sad news guys. after working on my lobes for almost 5 years and getting them up to 2" I am being forced to get them removed to pursue my career of becoming a paramedic. anyone here have any info on getting them removed like pain, before/ after pics, if insurance covers it or not?? I wish I didn't have to do it they have become a part of my personality, but I have to think about the future... I guess I can work on my tattoos now   Frown
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Quote Tali Replybullet Posted: August/08/2009 at 12:43am
What if you just took the jewelry out and tied your lobes up with a hair tie or something... then maybe placed them up in your ears... maybe.. maybe..

or some velcro attachments, to your lobes and behind your ears... that way they'd stay up and behind your ears while you work :D

 gosh man, i feel for ya... good luck though...
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Quote Herzeleid14 Replybullet Posted: August/08/2009 at 1:08am
wow, those are some amazing ideas to hide lobes, haha

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Quote linda Replybullet Posted: August/08/2009 at 5:19am
There was an article about stretched lobe removal on BME very recently.
Basically they cut off the excess skin and sew it all up. Shouldn't be that painful I suppose, although that guy got it done with anesthetic if I remember well.
Good luck to you!
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Quote Cale Replybullet Posted: August/09/2009 at 7:05pm
I saw that article too, Linda. It's a good article, if you have to remove such a large size and have questions.

That's too bad about your ears though. :(
Miss Cale
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Quote marcAB10 Replybullet Posted: August/11/2009 at 11:50am
That is sad news but it's good that your persuing your career choice, so good on you. I would seriously consider trying to keep them though, as suggested take the jewelery out and try some 'things' to see if there's a way of hiding them or at least keeping them out of the way. Good luck on your lobes and career.
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Quote AirinJay Replybullet Posted: August/11/2009 at 3:20pm
Why don't you flip your lobes up and wrap them over the top of your ear, like thread your ear through your lobe hole. I'm sure they're big enough. I had a buddy with 2" ears and he got into a fight once and that was the first thing he did. Kinda funny actually.

PISS wrong name AGAIN

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Quote Nurse_Maddie Replybullet Posted: August/13/2009 at 3:54am
Im taking a stab in the dark saying that i dont think insurance would cover it, because its possibly classed under "plastic/cosmetic surgery". But depends on the health system i guess.

10 points on becoming a paramedic!! I have a bunch of paramedics in some of my uni classes. Im studying nursing, and for future reference, stethoscopes and cartilage piercings do not always mix! My tragus always gets in the way. annoying.
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Quote jbrethour Replybullet Posted: August/13/2009 at 3:58pm
First, are you sure that you have to completely remove them? Where I am, EMS careers are generally fairly mod friendly. I've been a volunteer firefighter/EMT and my large gauge ears were never a problem (and they were over an inch at the time).
I suppose I'm lucky that I work in a technical field were my skills are what counts. I'm at 1 1/2 inches now, with plans to go to 2 inches in the next year, and they haven't been a problem. Mine can still shrink down to an inch after a couple of days at times when I need to be more conservative.
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