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Quote Lucifus Replybullet Topic: Scrotal Infusion
    Posted: May/07/2009 at 7:09pm
Sooo...yeh. Probably the most irresponsible thing ive ever done and i knew it at the time, even when hooking the IV up all i could think of is "if my mother only knew about this she would go nuts". At the risk of sounding like a mummys boy you should only attempt this if your confident with a needle and are completely sober.

After reciving my kit which consisted of 500ml of Saline, a giving set and a canula i spent a day getting to know the ins and outs of the equipment. (Which is hard to do through sterile wrapping)

So i set a date to do it and went at it. I warmed the saline up in warm water so it wouldnt shrink my testicles as it was dripping into them and took a warm bath. I set up the IV drip by hanging it on a coat hanger that hung off an unpluged stand up lamp and was really anal about removing all air bubbles from the pack and tube.

The hardest part was the cannula, its the first time ive tried anything like this and never pierced myself or others. The problem was getting a needle through extremly stretchable yet muscular skin, it pierced the skin easily but was hard to get through the muscle layer. After wiping down the area with alchohol wipes it took about 15 mins to get it into place, took out the needle and was ready to go. Additional problems come with trying to get the needle inside the scrotum yet avoiding the testicles and the tubes.

After hooking up the IV to the cannula i had problems initially with getting the drip working properly, but was a minor problem with a cink in the tubing of the canula. The cink was located inside my scrotum though so took a bit of feeling about and moving the tube inside. I found the best results was only having the canula half in and NOT all the way.

Within about ten minuites my scrotum was twice its original size but begging to feel odd as the saline had cooled down again which is where the biggest problem came in. Now my scrotum had started to shrink due to the cold and was making it harder to get the fluid in, after 30 mins and 200ml of saline i thought it was best to stop. Bleeding stoped immediatly and i sealed it up temporarily with a dab of super glue. This was removed an hour later.

One hour later most of the redness had gone but the muscle itself had swelled too with saline. Feeling nice and heavy now and a vast improvement over an hour ago. Other benefit so far is that im ejaculating a lot more due too the saline. Also had an unexpected result of making my testicles float in the bath....unerving but still cool.

Things to remember next time:

*Warm up the bag a bit more as the coldness of the saline is counterproductive.
*Dont be such a wimp with the needle.
*Go a little bit bigger.
*Lock the door to my room.
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Quote guycothal Replybullet Posted: March/21/2013 at 9:48pm
i have tried to do this but when ended up happening is it would form hard sacks of saline...am i doing something wrong here???
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