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Quote Adam Replybullet Topic: Introducing Mobile Mods!
    Posted: October/13/2004 at 4:00pm

Mobile Mods FAQ

Welcome to the quick overview on BodyMod.org's Mobile Mod section.

Q: What is a mobile mod?
A: Mobile mods is a BMod profile add-on that allows you to send photos from your cell phone and have them appear instantly (all most) in your BMod profile! Not only that, all fellow BModders can leave you comments on your photos as well. How kick ass is that? =) 

Q: How does it work?
A: First off, you have to be a member of the site. If you're not, sign up, it's free! Now, take a picture with your cell phone and then from your phone, email it as an attachment to . For the subject use the format: Username@Password . Replace Username with your BMod username and Password with your BMod password. In the body of your email, enter in whatever you want the caption of the photo to be.

Q: Can I attach more than one photo to one email?
A: Yes, but the same caption and options (see advanced features below) will be used for all attached photos.

Q: My phone doesn't have a camera, but I still want to do it. What can I do?
A: The mobile mods script was written to accept any email, not just from cell phones. Just send an email with the photo attached.

Q: My phone can't email photos, only SMS. What can I do?
A: Right now Mobile Mods is only supporting email attachments. If you can get the photos to a PC, see above QA.

Q: What is the email size limit?
A: 1MB total. Anything over that is just too damn big and will be discarded =).

Q: Is my password case sensitive?
A: No. Because typing out text on a phone is a pain in the butt, all passwords, usernames, and other variables are not case sensitive. This means that a b and a B are the same.

Q: How often do emails get read by the server?
A: Right now, the server checks for new emails and adds the images to the profiles every 15 minutes. Depending on server load, the time may be decreased.

Q: What is that number in the corner of the thumbnail?
A: That little guy tells you how many comments have been posted to that particular image.

Q: Are there any advanced features?
A: Of course! You can have your images rotated and flipped. Neither of these are necessary! Again...these are OPTIONAL. When filling in the subject of your email there are really four fields. It works like this: Username@Password@Rotate@Flip. For Rotate, you can put cw for a 90 degree clockwise rotation, ccw for 90 deg counter-clockwise, and 180 for 180 deg rotation. For Flip you can put an h to flip it horizontally, or a v to flip it vertically. You can use them together, or only one at a time. Example 1: TestUser@testpass@cw – will rotate attached image cw 90 deg. Example 2: TestUser@testpass@ccw@v – will rotate attached image ccw 90 deg and then flip it vertically. Example 3: TestUser@testpass@@h – will only flip the image horizontally.

Now lets see some cool stuff!

.: Adam

ps. I've already started my section, so feel free to check out my profile to see what it's all about!

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