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Quote miamaliciouss Replybullet Posted: December/04/2008 at 4:29am
when I got my first piercing, my medusa

I got home and my parents were fairly shocked

because I only brought it up the night before and they were like lol whatever pussy.

the only thing they said was

'Don't turn out like Tor okay.'

Tor's an old friend of mine with 1" lobes, snakebites, septum, monroe and the word 'LAWLZ' tattooed on his leg >.>
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Quote miamaliciouss Replybullet Posted: December/04/2008 at 4:46am
I keep remembering stupid stuff now.

Like. Hah. One of my best friends dad, this really old italian man. He hates them.

When I first met him he was like

>.> what is that on your face ?

and got all cross.

then one day me and three other girls were there.

and it was like what

two septums and 5 lip rings in all.

and he woke up and went up to a girl that had a small tiny little lip ring and went completely OFF at her.

and we're like, standing there, trying not to laugh, the two girls flip up their septums and with their hands over their mouths so that he can't see their labrets.

and im there with my tongue trying to cover my medusa and we all just start pissing ourselves

except the girl getting yelled at.

and then he got all angry and just threw up his hands and walked off.

not when I see him he offers me a nail, incase I want more holes >.>


there's this public bus driver.

and everytime I see him he tells me he likes my metal

and gives me free fair :)

yay for nice people.
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Quote beatniks Replybullet Posted: December/08/2008 at 3:48am
HAHAAHAHAHAH ugh it's so sadly funny how often it happens to people.
I guess until your older (we're older) it'll always happen.
About 5 months ago I was in the city waiting for the bus with my mates.
One of them basically had just got back from a rave, and me and my gay housemate at the time had met up with her, and we had this insane old lady come up to us and start cursing and asking disgusting questions like, "Does she feel your piercings when she goes down there? Fuckin' ugly kids." and EVERYTHING was slurred and worse, until my mate turned around and said, "Bitch I like chicks, can you just shut fuck up?" and she started getting closer BUT FORTUNATELY THE BUS CAME AND WE DID THE MATURE THING OF FLIPPING HER THE FINGER BEHIND THE WINDOWS. ;)
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Quote standingtyping Replybullet Posted: December/08/2008 at 4:19am
i remember when i was thin, cropped tops were in style and I first had my belly button pierced (we're talking 1990 here) and my mom's friend hooked a damned dog leash to it. needless to say i was semi helpless and had to follow him about for a bit til i unhooked myself. we were in public and people were generally a tad horrified. twas awesome.  ahh fun times. my mother is still more accepting of my mods than my father. he calls my scarification "socially unconscionable" and he asks often "what did i do wrong that makes you want to hurt yourself like that?" so i get the rudeness at home even.

Edited by standingtyping - December/08/2008 at 4:21am
"One day we will be the most awesome crazy cat ladies EVER...
people will know us."
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Quote endo666 Replybullet Posted: December/22/2008 at 8:34am
Originally posted by Carrie_p2005

I've had quite a few guys at the club I work at tell me I would be so much prettier without my tattoos and piercings.  For the most part, adults don't ever say anything to me out in public, but kids are always asking me why I have those "things" in my face.  I always answer with "why not?"  

that is messed up. i have told people that they look more amazing with there piercings and tattoos.

most of the time they just ask if they hurt to which i simply answer yes. i dont mind questions though. they also ask how my nape piercings stay in.
The difference between being eccentric and insane is money. So i guess im insane.
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Quote AntoParanoia Replybullet Posted: December/22/2008 at 9:00am
jajaja yep my mom freaked out when she saw my snakebites!!
now that i have more in my face and planning to get more....i think she has given up!! jajajaj
she is allways telling me i'll looked better without all this "things" in my face 
and my grandpa said i was a tramp and a drug addict
but i really don't care i like it so fuck off!
Todos estamos muertos por dentro, la diferencia es cuanto tardas en descubrirlo...

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Quote crimsonghost Replybullet Posted: December/22/2008 at 11:17am
oh man, i cant count how many times people have confronted me on the streets.  never actually been called a punk, altho i obviously am, but i did have a man come up to me in a mall and tell me im a disgrace to society and that people like me are whats truly wrong with this world.  that was entertaining.  i have also had countless fights with family members about my appearance, ranging from simple laughing jokes to me saying fuck you to my aunt after she called me disgusting cuz of my piercings.  its a fun life i wont lie hahahaha
"Fucked and left for dead"
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Quote PrincessAnna Replybullet Posted: December/22/2008 at 11:47am

There are so many things that annoy me so much about other people when it comes to mods. Asking questions is perfectly fine,even if i've heard it about 50 times in one day I will still answer it perfectly politely,but why  people feel they can lose all common curtesy when they talk to me, I will never know. In the last week I have had "why do you want to look like you have been attacked by a nailgun?" which to be honest made me laugh, "do you have any down there?" which I know is not especially rude but come on! do you go up to anyone else and ask them about their parts? Aaand my alltime favourite "you'd be such a bonny wee quine if you took all that shite oot yer face" or "you were so much prettier before you got that all done" which fine, its personal opinion, but I would never go up to someone i've never met before and say "you'd be so much prettier if you changed your hair/dressed differently", its just not acceptable and its plain rude, so why is it acceptable to say it to me? obviously I do get worse comments (like the one I posted earlier in the thread, under my old username about that woman calling me disgusting for having surface piercings) but thankfully, I don't get them as much as I get the generic comments.

you want to stare? fine, you want to ask questions? fine. But there is absolutely no need to be so damn rude!
/ rant.

Edited by PrincessAnna - December/22/2008 at 11:51am
I'm not bad, i'm just drawn that way
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Quote xevious Replybullet Posted: December/22/2008 at 12:14pm
I was drawing on my kids with sharpies once, and in the middle of drawing on my daughter we went outside the shop, me to smoke, her to play. This old lady came up screaming about tattooing children, calling the cops, ect. I laughed at her, told her they were my kids, and she started telling me I was a horrible parent. I then pointed out that they were sharpie, my daughter said she wouldn't get a tattoo until she was old enough anyways, and the old lady walked off pissed.

Funny thing is, my children are excellent students (my son is in honors classes at 7), they are well behaved for the most part (they are children after all) and I've even been complimented on how well raised my children are from complete strangers. They just wanted me to draw on em lol.
I have titties.
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Quote kcir Replybullet Posted: December/23/2008 at 2:54pm
and be taped to the wall occasionally.
BMOD WARNING: This user is notorious for instigation and general ass-hattery. Please don't take any cynical comments seriously. Thank you.
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