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Heavy Modder

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Quote linda Replybullet Posted: July/15/2008 at 2:41pm
I' don't have a lot of visible mods myself, but I see quite a lot of heavily modded people in the street, and I've never noticed any negativity towards them. But I live in Amsterdam, so I guess people are just used to heavily modded people, as well as to goths, gays, junks, prostitutes, homeless people, stoner-tourists,  English guys having bachelor parties and all the other out-of-the-ordinariness this city attracts. Wink
Almost everyone who notices my tat or stretched lobes think they're cool and are more interested than anything else.
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Heavy Modder

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Quote be0allthatyou0e Replybullet Posted: July/15/2008 at 3:12pm
here in Western Colorado i get shit all the time. especially for my ears and mouth.
"did it hurt?"
"what does it mean?"
"it goes all the way through your ear?!?"
i try to be polite and answer genuinely, but when someone says ew...
but with my tattoos (even as shitty as they are) the only question i get asked is "what do they mean?"
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Quote Valkea Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 2:36am
I'm a cashier at a grocery store so kids stare at my ears a lot (if I wore my septum down I'm sure they'd stare at it too haha) most days I just ignore it and it doesnt bother me but these two little girls were whispering and running from side to side so they could see both ears and it really annoyed me.

Most comments are along the lines of "Which one hurt the most?" "Wow you've got a lot" (6 in each ear) "Did you cry?"

Some are nice :] I've also had the "well at least you dont have any tattoos" to which I reply "Actually i've got three" haha.

My parents hate them for the most part, same with family members. But when I'm out with my mom she stares down people who stare at me. I dont notice people looking any more.
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BMod Pro
BMod Pro

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Quote kcir Replybullet Posted: July/16/2008 at 11:07am
so i was walking to work yesterday...and i'm jammin with my mp3 player on and i see this old black guy waving at me (i think, still dont have my glasses fixed) so i unplug my earbud and say "what man? i cant hear you." and this asshat says "thats because you have so much ink clogging your fucking ears." i laughed at the drunk old guy and ended up talking to him on the way to work, but lots of people take my tattoos as a personal challenge to out-hardcore me. i could give a fuck, i just wish people would stop waving at me all the damn time. you may recognize me but i sure as hell dont know you. and what the hell gives people the right to grab an appendage to "see" it?
BMOD WARNING: This user is notorious for instigation and general ass-hattery. Please don't take any cynical comments seriously. Thank you.
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Quote zacklove Replybullet Posted: July/26/2008 at 5:22pm

ive gotten alot of questions like "are you trying to prove something?", and ofcourse the clasic "why would you do that to yourself?"

i used to get frustrated when i was asked these questions,  but now i just answer in a calm voice something like "the same reason youve colored your hair, i think its pretty"

but by far the funnyest one ive ever gotten was from my father " if you keep puttin bigger earings in there, there gonna get too heavy and your ears are gonna fall off" that one warms my heart haha
Dont poke the bear, dont steal his fish.
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Mod Zentity
Mod Zentity

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Quote Yika Replybullet Posted: July/26/2008 at 5:31pm
i have alot of ppl come into my work and ask me how they are in and why? or what are you going to do when you get older like 80. i tell them that if some one is checking me out when im 80 dame i must be fine and thats the end of it.  lol
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Quote onega Replybullet Posted: July/26/2008 at 5:31pm
Originally posted by zacklove

ok, i was standing on a curb durring a street fair today with a few friends, we werent doing anything malicious or anything just talking, minding our own buisness trying to figure a place to get some thai food lol, most of us had a few visible piercings i.e. i have a nose ring, LOTS of earrings and a labret, my girlfriend has her septum pierced and had a small tattoo vissible that we did a few weeks ago, everything was as it always is when a crazed drunk woman walks by us telling us to stop causing problems and calling us "dirty punk kids" and how our parents didnt raise us right ect ect...
has anyone ever had this kind of profiling yelled at them in the street lol
it was really bizzare, since most of my town are relaxed hippies who are always nice haha

nah the most hilarious thing that was ever said to me was this guy in a very nice suit who replied "freak" when i said "hello" ...
If you hear an "ouch" in a room full of people you'll know it me.

> Queen of Clumsiness <
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Mod Zentity
Mod Zentity

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Quote Rhuin Replybullet Posted: July/26/2008 at 5:41pm
Most of my piercings and both my tatoos are hidden a lot of the time, my most obvious one (when my septum is hidden) is my conch but so far at work, no one has ever asked me about them and when I've forgotten to flip my septum no one stares at it.

I have a surprising number of people who love to see which colour my hair will go next and think that my unpredictableness is 'delightful' :)
I choose my own way to burn
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Quote Sylvias Replybullet Posted: July/26/2008 at 5:42pm
i have people make rude comments all the time and i dont even have alot of mods....all i have is my ear pierced...like the regular lobe piercing nothing special. but because of the way i dress people automatically assume i'm a trouble maker. it gets really annoying sometimes when mall cops follow my friends and i around instead of the ones actually causing problems >=/
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Mod God
Mod God

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Quote freckledimple Replybullet Posted: August/30/2008 at 9:56pm
The most common comment/question I get about my ears is: didn't that hurt?  My response, "Yes but it heals".  The next is "how many do you have?"(12 and 13) and if the amount represents anything.  If anyone asks me why, I tell them "God graced my with big ears that stick out, and I figured I might as well decorate them"Big%20Grin
The only person that's given me any real trouble about my mods is my uncle, but he's always been an a**hole anyway.  In his typical hypocritical-ness Bang%20Headhe talks about all the "cute" tattoos and piercings his "girlfriends" have, but thinks my earrings are unprofessional; and if he were to see any of my new tattoos he would throw a fit.  When he visits, I make it a point to have my hair pulled back away from my ears so that they shine in their full metallic gloryInnocent  I'm such a naughty girlPleased
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