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Interview with Animamundi (Nipple Removal)
A couple weeks ago, there was a hardcore mod that was posted by Animamundi that caught my eye and sparked some curiosity. It also seemed to have the same affect on a bunch of other BModders, as questions were being posed to him and myself about it. He had undergone a procedure to have his entire left nipple removed! So to try and get some of our collective curiosity quenched, I contacted Animamundi and asked him if he wouldn't mind a little interview about it. Being the awesome guy that he is, he answered!

And here is a photo of the area stitched up:
Nipple removal area stitched up

Adam - Can you describe in detail to the readers exactly what procedure you had done?

Animamundi - With the aid of local anesthetic and adrenaline I had my left nipple, including areola removed with a surgical scapel. The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Adam - Why did you choose to do this? What lead you to it (in your head and research)?

Animamundi - After having extensive scaring done in various places, myself and the artist came up with the idea that by removing the nipple we would be able to create a more interesting effect in the area; rather than simply tattooing it like the other side. Luckily the artist is good friends with Saampa (who you may be aware if one of the leading artists in body modification, certainly in Europe), so after consulting with him on how the procedure would be carried out and what risk were involved we went ahead and did it.

Adam - Who was it that performed the procedure and what is his experience with mods like this?

Animamundi - The work was done by Kali, a Polish tattooist. He has quite a limited experience in extreme modification, but over the last few years he has done a fair amount of work on myself and a few friends.

Adam - What other hardcore mods do you have done? How did they compare to this?

Animamundi - I have various scaring work, ranging from a small chaos star on my leg (the first piece) up to a large section of my right side cut into the artists style of patterns. Also on my left arm I have had three subdermal implants fitted (again with help from Saampa) and a section of strike branding (done with a blow torch) - again preparing the area before tattooing it.

Adam - What did you do with your nipple? Did you have it stuffed and mounted? =)
Animamundi - Hah, the nipple remains in my freezer at the moment. It was listed and removed several times from eBay as 'inappropriate' even though it was listed as a homosapien nipple for medical research. In Bizarre there was a guy who had his removed and set into ear-plugs, we might do this.

Adam - Do you plan on doing the same or similar procedure to your remaining nipple?

Animamundi - The other nipple has a lot of ink on and around it, so the only plan for it at the moment is to continue to stretch it, and see what ideas form in the future.

Adam - Are you doing anything to manipulate the healing process for added effect?
Animamundi - The nipple is now fully healed, so now we are planning to scar coming from it so it appears something has forced its way outside (think the film Alien [Ed. Yes!]), which eventually we'll tattoo over and around.

Adam - Do you have any other, different, mods planned in your future?

Animamundi - For now the only plans are to finish both sleeves, stomach, nipple work and to tattoo my right s
.: Adam
Since 2003, Adam Callen has been the editor and publisher of, not the largest or oldest full-spectrum body modification publication on the planet, but pretty damn awesome =). Copyright © 2022 Adam Callen. Permission is granted to reprint this article in its entirety as long as credit is retained and usage is non-commercial. Requests to publish edited or shortened versions must be confirmed in writing. For bibliographical purposes this article was first published February 25, 2009 in New York City, US.

I hope someone sees the humor in this =)
Posted on August 12, 2009 (1:05am)
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